Role Scoper 0.9.13 Corrects Page Parent Filtering

This new Role Scoper beta revision reinstates the intended filtering of Page Parent based on role assignments. The following can be selected as Page Parent:

  • pages the user can edit
  • pages for which the user has the Page Associate role (note, only available if using the default “RS” role type)

The recommended method to achieve selective page association is as follows:

  • Use the WP admin “Roles / Blog Roles” or “Groups / Blog Roles” interface to assign the Page Contributor or Page Author role to desired non-editor users.
  • If user(s) need to link to a Page Parent they do not own, use the WP page editor to assign the Page Associate role for that page.
  • If user(s) need to link a new page to Main Page, an Editor must make that Page Parent change for them.

Although WordPress doesn’t provide a way to remove “Main Page” from the Page Parent dropdown, Role Scoper will block that selection unless the user has the edit_others_pages capability blog-wide. So in a normal installation, new pages can be linked to the main page only by WP Editors, WP Administrators and users who are a Page Editor via Role Scoper Blog Role assignment. If another user attempts to save a new page with “Main Page” parent, the page will be set to unpublished draft status. For existing pages, unqualified attempts to establish (or remove) a “Main Page” setting are simply reverted back to the previous setting.

Pages can also be selectively blocked from blog Editors via the “exclusive” checkbox in the page edit interface.

This revision also corrects the filtering of users for Page Contributor / Author / Editor role assignment in the page edit interface. In addition, a lack of cache update following Blog Role assignment is also fixed.

Thanks to Ken for the bug report.


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