Role Scoper 1.1 Release Candidate !

Role Scoper 1.1 Release Candidate 1 is available.  It includes some significant new features, performance enhancements, bug fixes and plugin compatibility fixes.  WP-mu support now includes sitewide Role Groups and the ability to set RS Options site-wide.  Date Limits can be applied to role assignments.  The file attachment filter is revamped for better performance and reliability.  New Posts can be defaulted to Private, and/or set to private if the Reader role is restricted.

Many thanks to all of you who have reported issues in the support forum and corresponded with me on reproducing quirks as necessary.  The plugin is so much more stable because of your cooperation.  Also thanks to those who hired me to develop some of the major new features – so my family also has something to show for these 3+ months of work.

Keep in mind that although the bulk of this new code is already running successfully on a few different production sites, it has not yet seen enough testing to be trusted as a full stable release.  Feel free to give it a try as long as you’re able to put some scrutiny into it, and roll back to version 1.0.8 (current release in the WP plugins directory) if you run into any problems.

Check back for screen captures (but you’ve waited long enough !).

The full change log (careful, it’s heavy):


  • Feature : Option for site-wide groups when running on WP-mu
  • Feature : Most RS options can be applied either site-wide or blog-specific
  • Feature : Default settings for per-blog options can be customized via Site Admin > Role Defaults
  • BugFix : User RS Blog Roles were not added / removed appropriately with mu user addition / removal for specific blogs
  • BugFix : RS General Role assignments were not effective; attempt to add post/page caused redirect to profile page of main blog
  • BugFix : Internal cache returned categories from other blogs in some situations

Date Limits:

  • Feature : Roles can be assigned with limited duration (grant and expire dates)
  • Feature : General Roles and Category Roles can be assigned with content date limits (role only applies for posts/pages dated within specified range)

File Filtering:

  • Feature : New filtering scheme eliminates many quirks by using header redirect rather than opening and sending file contents directly
  • BugFix : Attachment filtering blocked some unattached files or public files. New scheme uses per-file RewriteRules, does not filter unprotected files at all.
  • Feature : File filtering can be disabled / enabled via RS Option.
  • Feature : Definition / removal of DISABLE_ATTACHMENT_FILTERING constant definition now forces automatic .htaccess regeneration / restoration
  • BugFix : Fatal error due to failed flush_rules call on initialization, in some upgrade scenarios
  • BugFix : Auto-regenerate .htaccess if it gets out of sync with DB-stored file access key(s)
  • Perf : Reduce unnecessary script loading / execution when applying file filtering

Performance Enhacement Results:

  • Default memory usage is lower than v 1.0.8 despite feature additions.
  • Further memory savings possible by disabling various features (see below).
  • Decreased database execution time in several areas.

Performance Enhancements Details:

  • Perf : User role sync at activation (for WP role assignments) was executing a separate query for each user (leading to long delays on some installations)
  • Perf : Do not resync all users on each user registration / profile update
  • Perf : Extensive optimization of code structure and inclusion logic to prevent unnecessary memory usage.
  • Change : Require MySQL >4.1 so LEFT JOINs can be replaced by subqueries
  • Perf : Converted LEFT JOIN in posts query to subselect
  • Perf : Eliminated unnecessary LEFT JOIN in terms query
  • Perf : Further wp-admin memory savings via option to disable filtering of Post Author dropdown (if “Indicate Blended Roles” and “Limit eligible users” also disabled)
  • Perf : Further front-end memory savings if you define SCOPER_GET_PAGES_LEAN (don’t retrieve page content just to list page titles)
  • Perf : Further wp-admin memory savings if you define SCOPER_EDIT_POSTS_LEAN, SCOPER_EDIT_PAGES_LEAN
  • Perf : Eliminated redundant filtering for page parent dropdown
  • Perf : Eliminated unnecessary RS queries in Media Library
  • Perf : Eliminated unnecessary RS-initiated post/page retrieval queries
  • Perf : No construction / translation of role names in wp-admin until they are needed
  • Perf : set RS option records to autoload

    no, since RS does its own buffering

  • Perf : Eliminated lots of PHP warnings for unset variables / array keys
  • Change : Stop storing postmeta last_parent entry for pages / posts that have no Parent setting

User Editing / Role Assignment:

  • Feature : support distinction between Content Administrator, User Administrator and Option Administrator. Currently designate cap for each via define( ‘SCOPER_CONTENT_ADMIN_CAP’, ‘cap_name’ );
  • Feature : Option to allow role assignment only by Content Administrators / User Administrators
  • Feature : Don’t allow the editing of users with a higher level than logged user (can disable via RS Option)
  • Feature : Don’t allow the assignment of a WP role with a higher level than logged user’s level (can disable via RS Option)

Role Definition:

  • Feature : Synchronize RS Role Defs to WP Role Defs at installation (eliminates unexpected results when WP roles are customized)
  • Feature : On RS Role Defs tab, warn if WP Roles do not have normal RS role containment (WP Author contains RS Post Author, etc.) due to extra caps in RS Role def
  • Feature : On RS Role Defs tab, option to synchronize WP Contributor / Author / Editor role def with current RS Post Contributor / Post Author / Post Editor / Page Editor role def
  • BugFix : WP Role Definitions tab empty on reload after updating RS Options
  • Change : Post Editor / Page Editor role assignment also grants unfiltered_html capability for that content. Can be disabled via Roles > RS Role Defs.

Group Roles:

  • Feature : Metagroup for anonymous users – define SCOPER_ANON_METAGROUP. Only to be used when some content should be seen by anon users but not all logged users.
  • BugFix : WordPress roles with name longer than 25 characters caused RS metagroup record to be perpetually regenerated with new group_id, leaving orphaned role assignments
  • BugFix : Group deletion did not always delete all associated roles
  • BugFix : Incorrect eligible groups count if orphaned Group Role assignments are stored
  • Change : Delete all orphaned group role assignments on plugin re-activation

Media Library:

  • BugFix : non-administrators could not view unattached uploads via View link in Media Library
  • BugFix : non-administrators could not see unattached uploads in Library tab of uploader
  • BugFix : Authors were not allowed to edit or delete their unattached uploads in Media Library

Post / Page Edit Form:

  • Feature : Option to default new posts and/or pages to Private visibility
  • Feature : Option to auto-select Private visibility when the Reader role is restricted in Page/Post Edit Form
  • BugFix : On post creation, default category was not applied in some situations when author had save / publish capability for it
  • BugFix : On post creation, first available category was not applied in some situations when author did not select any categories (and does not have save/publish capability for default cat)
  • BugFix : Authors could not edit their own private posts / pages in some configurations
  • BugFix : Non-editors were sometimes unable to save subpages of pages based on their Page Associate role; received a “cannot associate with the Main Page” error message
  • BugFix : WP Metagroup Category/General Role assignments were not indicated by color coding in Post/Page Edit Form role metaboxes
  • BugFix : “Attempt has failed” error when submitting post with some certain WP/RS Role Definitions and editing roles restricted in all categories
  • BugFix : Out of memory / timeout error on some servers when non-Administrator views Edit Posts listing
  • BugFix : In some configurations where user can edit a subpage based on propagated Page Editor role, that role assignment was lost when they saved a change to the page content.
  • Change : Implicit role ownership via Category/General Role assignment is indicated by slashes around user/group name. Previous versions used square brackets.

Post / Page Edit Form – Limited Editing Elements:

  • Feature : Option to require blog-wide Administrator / Editor / Author / Contributor role for specified Limited Editing Element IDs
  • BugFix : Comment and Trackbacks status turned off when a post was edited with Discussion metabox (commentstatusdiv) hidden via Limited Editing Elements
  • BugFix : Custom Post Excerpt cleared when a post was edited with Post Excerpt metabox hidden via Limited Editing Elements setting
  • Change : If a specified Limited Editing Element is not a metabox, hide it via CSS
  • Change : “Limited Editing Elements” includes customdiv, pagecustomdiv, revisionsdiv by default

Edit Posts / Pages Listing:

  • Feature : Custom Role / Restriction indicator columns in Edit Posts and Edit Pages listing can be selectively disabled
  • Feature : Custom columns are suppressed if logged user does not satisfy RS Option requirement for “Roles and Restrictions can be set by”
  • BugFix : Custom Roles / Restriction indicator columns were sometimes displayed even if none of the listed posts used them
  • BugFix : Edit Posts column indicated some false positives for Category Restrictions
  • BugFix : Edit Posts listing included Term Roles column even if none of the listed posts had Term Roles

Page / Category Listing (Front End):

  • Feature : When remapping a page to visible ancestor, Option for whether remap can bypass an explictly excluded ancestor
  • Feature : When remapping a term to visible ancestor, Option for whether remap can bypass an explictly excluded ancestor
  • Feature : Support remap_parents, enforce_actual_depth, remap_thru_excluded_parent args to override defaults in a get_pages() / get_terms() call
  • Compat : Never remap pages if get_pages called without hierarchical arg (unnecessary, caused conflict with Flexi Pages plugin)
  • Compat : Never remap terms if get_terms called without hierarchical arg
  • Change : RS Option “Remap Hiden Pages to Visible Ancestor” disabled by default, to avoid conflict with template code that relies on exclude+depth arguments being treated as exclude_tree
  • Change : RS Option “Remap Hiden Terms to Visible Ancestor” disabled by default, to avoid conflict with template code that relies on exclude+depth arguments being treated as exclude_tree


  • BugFix : XML-RPC post submissions created without category selection for users without less than blog-wide Editor role
  • BugFix : With some XML-RPC clients, non-administrators can publish new posts but cannot edit them following publish
  • BugFix : XML-RPC retrieval of recent posts only returned one post

Custom Taxonomies:

  • Feature : Support Restrictions on custom taxonomies
  • BugFix : When custom taxonomies are enabled for use with RS, “Category Restrictions and Roles for Posts” checkbox caption was not modified accordingly
  • BugFix : Invalid edit URL from bulk role administration form for Post Tags, Custom Taxonomies
  • Workaround : WP core forces display of published posts only in Edit Posts listing when filtering by a custom taxonomy term

Front-End Misc:

  • BugFix : get_comments() function did not include comments on attachments to private posts
  • BugFix : In some installations with a language defined and “suppress private caption” option enabled, fatal error from translate call in template-interceptor
  • BugFix : template function is_restricted_rs() indicated some false positives for category restrictions
  • BugFix : Tags filter defaulted to limiting number of displayed tags to 45
  • BugFix : tag__not_in argument was not supported for manual calls to WP_Query

Admin Misc:

  • Feature : Add pending posts and pages total to Dashboard Right Now list
  • BugFix : Cannot approve / unapprove comments when capability is granted via Category Role or Page/Post Role
  • BugFix : Roles, Restrictions menu icons were not displayed if custom WP_CONTENT_DIR set
  • BugFix : PHP Warning on installation / version update due to DB key name conflicting with an existing WP key name
  • BugFix : In User Profile, link to edit individual Object Role yielded “insufficient permissions” message
  • BugFix : RS roles were hidden from User Profile for users who cannot assign roles due to blogwide role requirement set in RS Options
  • Change : Prevent activation (with helpful error message) if another copy of RS is already active
  • Change : If RS_DEBUG is defined and the script is plugins.php or edit-plugins.php, don’t initialize the plugin (prevents hung server on bad edits via Plugin Editor)
  • Change : On RS Options form, rearranged and recaptioned “Realm” options for clarity
  • Change : Popup confirmation box before reverting RS Options to defaults
  • Change : Update button in all RS forms styled the same as WordPress Update buttons


  • Change: Pending Revisions feature removed to Revisionary plugin
  • BugFix : Warning messages on servers with open_basedir restriction
  • BugFix : RS Internal Cache did not work if custom WP_CONTENT_DIR set


  • API : ScoperAdminLib::create_group($name, $desript), returns group_id
  • API : ScoperAdminLib::get_group_by_name($name), returns group object
  • API : ScoperAdminLib::get_group($group_id), returns group object

Plugin Compatibility:

  • Compat : Formatting of table header in Role / Restriction bulk admin forms was thrown off by BuddyPress
  • Compat : Pages listing was broken when Theme My Login active with option to exclude login page from listing
  • Compat : Automatically switch Roles, Restrictions tabs to default(bottom) positioning if some other plugin has moved the Users tab
  • Compat : Support nonstandard usage of wp_dropdown_pages filter by Simple Section Nav plugin
  • Compat : PHP Warning after AMember creates a role with no capabilities
  • Compat : Apply RS restrictions and roles to Snazzy Archives plugin listing
  • Compat : PHP Warning “Missing argument 2” with WMPL plugin
  • Compat : Suppress RS filtering when another plugin has initiated a scheduled operation via WP Cron (conflict with WP Robot, Twitter News Feeds)
  • Compat : Tiny MCE Advanced (conflict was present in RS 1.1 beta versions)
  • Compat : Flutter (may require Flutter code patch, see Notes)
  • Compat : Use display names and plural display names defined by Custom Taxonomies plugin

Browser Compat (wp-admin):

  • BugFix : Background color not applied to RS Options form in some versions of IE
  • BugFix : IE8 tab, checkbox positioning in Post/Page Edit Form role metaboxes


  • Lang : Added Italian translation (by Alberto Ramacciotti)
  • Feature : Default teaser strings included in .po file for translation. Must add this to wp-config.php: define( ‘SCOPER_TRANSLATE_TEASER’, true );

Download Role Scoper 1.1 Release Candidate 1 and let me know what you think!


    1. designodyssey

      This is absolutely magnificent news!! I love the idea behind role scoper and am ecstatic it’s ready for WP2.9 and MU. I will read further, but does it play well with Justin Tadlock’s Members plugin that defines roles themselves?

      I’m working on a single-blog, MU site and this is an important piece to control membership levels and their permissions. Thanks again. Once I launch, I’ll donate to all the plugins I use.

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