Announcing Press Permit

I’m pleased and relieved to announce the launch of Press Permit, a new content permissions engine for WordPress. It’s a structural overhaul that warrants being called a new plugin. Many of the longstanding requests/complaints about Role Scoper needed this type of a re-invention. The restriction model is entirely new, based on custom post statuses and therefore better integrated with the WP core. You can use it to implement 2-tier moderation as discussed in this WP trac ticket. Other major new features are content role assignments to BuddyPress groups and bbPress 2 support.

Note that some Role Scoper features are not currently provides. Hidden Content Teaser and other membership-related functionality await implementation in a membership extension tentatively planned for 2012.

Press Permit is offered as a premium plugin, with the initial download, auto-updates, forum support and (eventually) documentation tied to the purchase of a 12-month support key.  Details at

Please accept my apologies for being so unresponsive for the last few weeks. I just had too much on my plate and too much invested to let it slip. This does not mean I’m dropping Role Scoper. I plan to put out an RS update soon to publish fixes already in the dev code, review your queued forum posts and address any WP 3.3. issues. Moving forward, I intend to keep RS compatible with current and upcoming WP versions but new development and priority support will go to Press Permit.

Next priority: sleep and rest. Some further patience may be required as a ease back into a sustainable pattern of plugin support following this website launch.

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