Capability Manager Enhanced: Network Roles

Capability Manager Enhanced 1.5 adds some important new features, including:

  • Feature: mirror a role definition to all sites on a WordPress network
  • Feature: mark a role for automatic inclusion in newly created sites

Here’s the rest of the change log:

  • Feature : Support negative capabilities (storage to wp_roles array with false value)
  • Feature : Backup / Restore tool requires “restore_roles” capability or super admin status
  • Fixed : Role reset to WP defaults did not work, caused a PHP error / white screen
  • Change : Clarified English captions on Backup Tool screen
  • Fixed : Term deletion capability was not included in taxonomies grid even if defined
  • Fixed : jQuery notices for deprecated methods on Edit Role screen
  • Compat : Press Permit – if a role is marked as hidden, also default it for use by PP Pro as a Pattern Role (when PP Collaborative Editing is activated and Advanced Settings enabled)
  • Change : Press Permit promotional message includes link to display further info