Eyes Only: User Access Shortcode

Have you ever wanted to limit the visibility of a certain content block while keeping the greater post publicly visible?  Maybe it’s a set of custom inline links which apply only to members.  Maybe some directions that only Editors should see?  Or an explanatory bubble that pertains to only to members of a Role Scoper or Press Permit group you’ve defined?

While requests like this have come up (personally and on the support forums) from time to time, I’ve never found or developed a permanent solution.  A few plugins have been available over the years (Disclose Secret comes to mind) but were either discontinued or just didn’t grab my attention and confidence.  So when this question came up on the wordpress.org forums, I ran some searches and discovered Eyes Only: User Access Shortcode.

This is a very new plugin, debuting about a week before my discovery.  Upon installation, I discovered a rich user interface (with tinyMCE integration) which makes shortcode creation easy.  It seemed actively developed (with many improvements in its week of existence) and the few existing support forum requests were promptly answered.  I learned that this bold and effective design and support come from the creative mind of Thom Stark (how many plugin authors link an imdb.com Filmography page to their WordPress profile?)

Eager to secure this effective and promising plugin for integration with my permissions solutions, I contacted Thom about contributing some further enhancements.  He was pleased to have them and we’ve enjoyed the collaborative coding.  Now you can easily show or hide selected post content to a Role Scoper or Press Permit group.