Fix and Untangle!

If you are struggling with WordPress site or plugin configuration, I can (usually) help.  I’ll listen to your requirements, research (if necessary) the involved plugin(s) or theme, and either identify the required settings or diagnose a malfunction.  If a plugin bug or conflict is indicated, I can document/examine it and (in most cases) develop a solution.

Terms & Practices

WordPress Configuration and Troubleshooting is billed at an hourly rate.  It is normally purchased as Scheduled Consulting, with a minimum of one hour.  During the time you have purchased, I will attempt to:

  • communicate via skype and/or email to understand the purpose of your site and identify goals and problems
  • if necessary, research or experiment to determine the normal behavior of plugins you’re using
  • recommend / apply the correct settings
  • if a plugin bug or conflict is apparent, examine the relevant code and attempt a fix
  • document any fixes and/or remaining issues

In some cases, a wp-admin screencast or screen capture will be all I need to point you in the right direction.  But an Administrator login and ftp access (to at least your plugins folder) will usually make me more productive.

Agapetry Creations LLC will retain ownership of modifications or additions to any Agapetry Creations plugin or publicly released third party plugin, and may release those changes in future plugin versions.  No other data or code will be retained or disseminated in any way without your approval.

Plan B

Please understand that the service I am offering is support time. My plugin portfolio is the basis for claiming expertise that warrants a professional rate, but troubleshooting and debugging are fundamentally unpredictable in duration and expense. Consider assembling a list of related questions or tasks in case I resolve your issue in less than the purchased support time. If a solution cannot be attained within your time slot, I will provide a rough estimate based on your site makeup and the functionality in question.  If you decide to purchase more time, I’ll provide progress updates through skype or email.

Regardless of the outcome, a Configuration and Troubleshooting purchase does not ensure or imply ongoing free support.  If you do email or skype me later, I will strive to apply reasonable business and personal etiquette at my discretion.

Let’s Go!