New Development

My WordPress development experience dates to 2006.  Role Scoper was my first plugin initiative, and I have continued to specialize in pushing permissions outside the box to meet the more difficult CMS goals.  In recent years WordPress has become much more CMS-friendly so I’ve enjoyed extending the core role/capability and post type API in more conventional ways (Press Permit and Capability Manager Enhanced).  I still innovate as needed, but have learned to temper the creative impulse with a critical eye on simplicity, performance and forward compatibility.


If you need advice or help modifying an existing plugin, I’ve also been down that road.  First, you’ll get an honest appraisal of whether the functionality is within my realm of expertise.  If so, I’ll use API hooks and jQuery where possible for compatibility with future updates to the original plugin.  If a code fork is necessary, I’ll alert you, document the changes and recommend an upgrade strategy.

Terms & Practices

WordPress Development is billed at an hourly rate.  It is typically purchased as Scheduled Consulting, with a minimum purchase of four hours.  Here’s what I can offer:

  • You submit a consulting inquiry, detailing your site configuration and development requirements
  • If the project matches my availability, expertise and professional trajectory, I create a project management record and mail you a login
  • We work together to list out the detailed requirements; I attach time estimates to them
  • You review my availability and decide if that fits your project timeline
  • To proceed, book any hours you want reserved for the project and pay the 50% invoice
    (I recommend booking enough hours to match the estimated project total, but this is not required)

Agapetry Creations LLC will retain ownership of modifications or additions to any Agapetry Creations plugin or publicly released third party plugin, and may release those changes in future plugin versions.  No other data or code will be retained or disseminated in any way without your approval.  Private plugin extensions (where you retain ownership and upgrade responsibility) can be provided upon request.

Plan B

If development is not complete at the end of your purchased timeframe, you may choose to suspend the project or purchase additional time from the availability schedule.  Scenarios where this could happen include:

  • Additional requirements or prerequisites were identified as development progressed
  • The initial estimate was too low
  • You booked fewer hours than the estimated project time

Please understand that the service offered here is development time. As such, I will work to address your priorities within the allotted time, but cannot guarantee the project cost or delivery date.  If you booked all hours indicated by the initial/latest project estimate but (after exhausting that time) have an unfinished project and no further scheduled consulting is available in a reasonable timeframe, I will make an effort to free up some additional hours.  However, extensive overruns (regardless of the cause) may also incur a delivery delay.  I will strive to meet your needs in a way that does not undermine business or personal stability.

Regardless of the outcome, a WordPress Development purchase does not ensure or imply ongoing free support.  If you do email or skype me later, I will strive to apply reasonable business and personal etiquette at my discretion.

Let’s Go!