New Development

My WordPress development experience dates to 2006.  Role Scoper was my first plugin initiative, and I have continued to specialize in pushing permissions outside the box to meet the more difficult CMS goals.  In recent years WordPress has become much more CMS-friendly so I’ve enjoyed extending the core role/capability and post type API in more conventional ways (Press Permit and Capability Manager Enhanced).  I still innovate as needed, but have learned to temper the creative impulse with a critical eye on simplicity, performance and forward compatibility.


If you need advice or help modifying an existing plugin, I’ve also been down that road.  First, you’ll get an honest appraisal of whether the functionality is within my realm of expertise.  If so, I’ll use API hooks and jQuery where possible for compatibility with future updates to the original plugin.  If a code fork is necessary, I’ll alert you, document the changes and recommend an upgrade strategy.

Let’s Go!